AUGUST 8, 2020


Dear Women, 

You are invited to a unique and powerful event on the opening of the Lions Gate healing portal on August 8th. You will have the opportunity to receive the tools and support to digest and release all of the ‘stuff’ (quarantine, shelter-in-place, awareness of systemic racism) - this is all in addition to how full our lives were before.

Transform feelings of powerlessness to ReDefining Power in a healthy, heartful way, creating change from the inside out; reigniting your connection to your truth, your source. True power lies in when you can extract the lessons and love from the challenges. When you are physically exhausted and cannot hear yourself amidst the static, this can be even more exhausting.

Come as you are. Take it at your pace. Even if you lie down and receive the benefits, that is more than enough. You will get exactly what you need and desire. 

Boost your nervous system

Discover the cosmic or energetics behind all of this potentially for change on planet Earth at this time. Nicolette will briefly share the astrology and more importantly welcome your questions that will help the group make ‘sense’ and from there move forward. 

Anne will lead us into gentle, feminine form movement to honor your body wisdom (think more circular and less linear), Body Yantra, and other short practices to reset the nervous system to this moment now. 

Sliding Scale $77-$55

MPORTANT! You must include your name and email when sending payment. You will receive a link shortly after. 
You will receive a recording of the workshop so that you can access it anytime.

Send payment to:
Venmo @annegregory



When you sign up for this event, you get special access to the following offerings. Let us know exactly what you wish to receive from below when sending payment. 


~Embody Your Essence Healing Meditative Healing Series~ w/Nicolette

You get bonus of one of the sessions now and and the whole package in a couple of weeks when ready at this amazing pre-launch price of 

Cost: $19 (Value $33)


~Super Early Exclusive Opportunity Membership to NEW Private Group at Intro Rate~ w/Nicolette

You are a rule breaker, you are ready to code your own matrix and create your own world on your terms and know you are worth the inspiration and support. For less the price of a single yoga class each month, you will be part of a revolutionary group of women bravely choosing to do the inner work to transmute pain into loving power and transform your world and the world at large. Group expected to start late September, your one time payment guarantees you first month’s membership and if you choose to continue you will be locked in for life at this rate as will raise to $25. You will be contacted for recurring payments. Expect all of the magic like astrology, tarot, mindset coaching, yoga and more.
Price to add or separate. 

Cost: $15


~ Recorded 5 Minute Meditation On The Bones~ w/Anne

Cost: $5



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